Naples, a city rich in history and mystery, is enveloped in numerous legends and popular traditions passed down through generations. Among the most fascinating and mysterious legends is that of the “Munaciello,” an enigmatic figure that dwells in the depths of underground Naples.

O’Munaciello, whose name derives from the Neapolitan term “munaciello,” meaning “little monk,” is a legendary creature deeply rooted in popular culture. His figure is often associated with a benevolent spirit, a little monk with a hood who stealthily moves about in the underground and ancient homes of the city. The legend tells of a playful yet capricious spirit that interacts with the inhabitants of underground Naples and the surrounding areas. It is said to enjoy playing pranks, moving household objects, and playing cards with the subterranean residents. This figure is often seen as an invisible friend who takes care of homes and families, bringing luck to those who respect the tradition and treat the creature with respect.

O’Munaciello is often described as a small man, about one meter tall, wearing a brown robe and a hood that conceals his face. His identity remains shrouded in mystery since his face is always hidden. However, his amiable behavior and penchant for well-intentioned pranks make him a beloved figure among Neapolitans. In Neapolitan culture, O’Munaciello is celebrated in some traditions. For instance, it is said to protect homes from unfortunate events like fires or thefts, provided that a glass of wine or some food is offered to him. Some families even leave a small space in their homes where O’Munaciello can find shelter.

His presence is particularly felt in the heart of underground Naples, where the legends and stories of the Munaciello blend with the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient underground cavities.

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